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Attribution Policy

Axiometrics Clients may incorporate, utilize, display or otherwise publish limited portions of Axiometrics content, according to the terms of the Axiometrics Agreement.

You must attribute ownership of the copyrighted contents of the website or data being used to the rightful owner. Attribution should read: “Credit or Source: Axiometrics, a RealPage Company”.

You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit or store it in any other website or electronic retrieval system.

In general, a Client may publish limited, insubstantial amounts of Axiometrics data, on the condition that it is fully, clearly and conspicuously attributed to Axiometrics according to the following guidelines:

  • A preview of the information to be published is to be submitted to Axiometrics prior to publication. Axiometrics’ expectation is to maintain data integrity, and has caught errors in republications. Axiometrics may suggest remedies or additional data points to be included. Client accepts responsibility for and will issue corrections for errors found after published information has been made public or shared broadly within user groups. Client will notify recipients of all corrections, accepting responsibility of the erroneous information. Any associated costs will be absorbed by Client.

  • Attribution is to be sourced to “Axiometrics, a RealPage Company” without any additional stylizing.

  • When disseminating online, the attribution to “Axiometrics, a RealPage Company” is to be hyperlinked to

  • If a Client wishes to use an Axiometrics logo, they should request one from either their Client Success Manager (Account Manager) or

  • Axiometrics retains the right to request and receive copies of all Client materials in which Axiometrics data is provided, disclosed or is referenced.
    Mock-ups can be submitted as long as the mock-up is a true representation of the product.

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