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Free Beer and Other Popular Apartment Amenities

Bike, Transit Services Also Pop Up

By Dave Sorter | Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rent an apartment, get free beer.

The latest salvo in the apartment amenities race came from The Julien, a new property in Charlotte, which offered its incoming residents a free one-month subscription to Charlotte-based BrewPublik, a craft-beer home-delivery service.

BrewPublik will deliver a total of 12 bottles of beer to eligible residents of the 105-unit property on Commonwealth Avenue in the East Charlotte-Central Avenue submarket over the month. The selections for each subscriber are made after surveying their preferences and curating the right beers from the company’s inventory, according to an article in “The Charlotte Observer.”

BrewPublik calls it a “beergorithim.”

“Such a cool property deserves a memorable resident welcome gift so the BrewPublik membership from property management seemed perfect,” said Daniel Levine, president of developer Levine Properties to “The Observer.” Levine added that The Julien’s location near Plaza Midwood attracts potential residents.

Leasing began in May, and the property stabilized in October with 95.0% occupancy, according to Axiometrics’ lease-up data.

BrewPublik operates in Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Charleston, SC, though home delivery is not available in Charleston because of state law, according to BrewPublik’s website. Expansion to Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Tampa and Austin is imminent, the company stated. Other delivery services, such as the Beer of the Month Club, also thrive throughout the nation.

The one-month, 12-bottle subscription that was offered at The Julien is worth $35 in Charlotte. A 24-bottle subscription costs $60.

Julien residents who aren’t old enough to drink or aren’t interested in craft beer can transfer their free trial month to a friend or receive a grocery store gift card instead, “The Observer” reported.

Free beer isn’t the only amenity attracting new leases. Some other popular incentives include:

  • Bicycle features: Many properties have created “bike vaults,” where residents can securely store their two-wheelers when not using them. These are especially popular in urban core properties with a lot of millennials who decide to not have a car and want their bikes to be safe from theft and foul weather. Some properties offer bike sharing for residents who don’t own a bike but want to use one occasionally.
  • Transportation services: Transit Screens have popped up in several lobbies. These dedicated screens can tell you when the next bus or train will arrive and how far the stop or station is. They also show how long it will take for a ride-share car, such as Uber or Lyft, to pick you up. Some properties have even added a small waiting room within the lobby, complete with wi-fi and TV, for residents waiting for their ride-share or taxi.
  • Indoor basketball: The latest trend in fitness amenities is designed for residents who like to let out their inner LeBron. Though many indoor basketball facilities are half-court – a full court takes up a lot of space – they provide not only an outlet for exercise, but also for socializing. You can make a lot of friends playing hoops.
  • “Makers’ Rooms”: For do-it-yourselfers, some properties have set aside space for residents to ply their craft. These rooms can include tables, often-used tools and even some building material – in other words, the stuff homeowners have in their garage.
Dave Sorter

Dave Sorter


Dave Sorter is an award-winning journalist who spent 30 years as a newspaper reporter and editor before joining Axiometrics. He oversees all Axio blogs and newsletters and serves as senior editor of all Axio publications.

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