Innovate with Us


Axiometrics is a growth organization and seeks top talent.  We are committed to building the best investment solutions for our customers, using the newest technologies.  Axiometrics careers offer full-time team members competitive benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, 401(k), holidays and personal time off.

Our Core Values:

  • Passion. Intense excitement and enthusiasm to make a difference
  • Accuracy. Finding the true measure is the goal
  • Commitment. Make a promise, keep a promise
  • Tenacity. Whatever it takes; never stop trying
  • Transparency. How is just as important as why


 The types of positions available at Axiometrics:

  • Research. This is the foundational core of what Axiometrics does.  Our positions here range from entry-level to experienced management to new product development.  Most of our staff in this area have a bachelor's degree in a liberal arts field.
  • Analytics. In-depth economic and mathematic analysis of the core data captured in our research. Axiometrics' analytics staff has a mixture of bachelor and graduate degrees in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics and Business Intelligence.
  • Technology. Our platform is Windows, SQL, C#, .Net, Angular JS, D3 and GIS.  We deal with transforming big data into actionable output with heavy visualization.
  • Sales. Our sales roles are generalists, with our sales staff responsible for qualifying to close.  The sales are typically done from inside in a team-oriented environment where the sales person operates with a large amount of autonomy and no ceiling on opportunity.
  • Client Success
  • Marketing


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