When it comes to student housing rent and market data, what you can't see . . . can hurt you.

Axiometrics provides the answers.

Every Tracked Property. Every Floor Plan. Every Month.

AXIOStudent takes the uncertainty out of buying, building, financing and managing properties by bringing clarity to the student housing market.

Generate true supply and demand trends by revealing often-inaccessible enrollment, population and graduation data.

Determine optimal location, timing, amenities and pricing for new student housing development and acquisition.

Gauge change in demand and effective rents change based upon distance from the university.

Select prime universities to develop and acquire properties based upon the impact of supply and demand.

Analyze student housing supply and demand per university, including university-owned and privately owned housing statistics.

Visualize the future with five-year forecasts for supply, rent growth, occupancy and more at 175 universities nationwide.

Maximize revenue and occupancy by identifying pricing for new opportunities and discrepancies compared to the competition.

Glean the comparative demand variables of enrollment growth, college-age population and acceptance rate.

Diversify your investments to maximize return and lower risks by evaluating university ranking criteria.

Capture bed and enrollment ratio and tuition percentage of income per university.

 AXIOStudent Advantages

Ranking for Top 175 Universities

Discover purpose-built student housing rankings by rent, occupancy, revenue growth, supply and many other categories.

Property Reports

Identify prelease, occupancy, rents and rent growth by property and much more.

University Reports

Access hard-to-find information on enrollment, college-age population and graduation rates, as well as historical and forecast housing trends.

Competitive Pricing Surveys (CPS)

Monitor student housing market trends and property performance against comps in the market.

Property Time Series

Review years of rent, occupancy, prelease, concessions and construction status for every property tracked.

Student Housing REIT Reports

Analyze a REIT’s investment diversification by university.

Transaction Reporting

Track property sales, financing and assessment information on individual properties.

Behind the Veil (True Ownership)

Discover true property ownership information, potentially different than public record.

Sales Comps

View last reported sales, with pricing and dates, in markets and submarkets.

Portfolio Comparison

Compare portfolio performance against others with the industry's only portfolio comparison tool.


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