The next generation of AXIOPortal™

Access instant analytics. Build custom portfolios and data sets.

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AXIOPortal is designed to help you easily:

  • Customize data and analysis for strategic use with help from the intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Obtain the latest, cutting-edge student housing and apartment research from automatically updated data tables and metrics.
  • Boost your understanding of submarkets and markets with an easy-to-use menu that allows you to search, analyze and export invaluable publications, all in one straightforward real estate data service.
  • Increase your presentation power to real estate stakeholders with customizable and printable market and submarket reports.
  • Enhance your decision-making strategies with AxioMaps and unique heat maps that target the strongest effective rent growth, occupancy and other variables in the markets and submarket of interest, whether it is student housing, apartment, multifamily, or something else.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how your holdings stack up relative to your others with AxioMap’s ability to drill down to the market and submarket level.